In the dictionary the word “Name” is defined as the audible or other symbolic representation of a thing, event, property, relation, or concept. Most times it is used as a noun, other times as a verb, or sometimes even as an adjective.


The mere mention of the “Name” of God, in ancient Jewish tradition, was considered so holy, so sacred that God was referred to as the “Unutterable Name of God of Israel”. It was written with the four Hebrew letters YHWH which was unpronounceable since it contained no vowels. This construct of the name YHWH illustrates the complete reverence accorded God.  His “Name” was not to be used casually. It was the “Name” above all names.


In the Christian bible it is written that God instructed Moses to refer to him as “ehyeh-asher-ehyeh” meaning “I Am Who I Am” or “I Am That I Am” or “I Will be What I Will Be”;  (KJV). Coincidentally, in the Exodus Rabbah (Hebrew version) it is written as “I Am Called According To My Actions”. Literal translations of various forms of the “Name” of God as used throughout the Bible include:



The LORD God

The LORD my God

The LORD our Father

The LORD Most High God

The LORD God of Israel

The LORD who sees

The LORD your Sanctifier

The LORD my Miracle

The LORD our Maker

The LORD our Righteousness

The LORD of hosts

The LORD my Shepherd

The LORD who heals you

The LORD of peace

The LORD our God

The LORD my Rock and Redeemer

The LORD God of David


The “Name”of Jesus is usually considered to be a compound word of two parts: יהו Yeho, a theophoric reference to YHWH, the distinctive personal name of the God of Israel, plus a form derived from the Hebrew language meaning “to liberate, save”. There have been many ideas as to how the name should be translated, including:

YHWH saves
YHWH (is) salvation
YHWH (is) a saving-cry
YHWH (is) a cry-for-saving
YHWH (is) a cry-for-help
YHWH (is) my help


God is beyond all forms of description or attributes of a language.  He is the Source and Foundation of all and is thus beyond all forms of description. Once you really understand the meaning of His “Name”, the words you use to express it are just incidental. He is so much more than any word, phrase or “Name” can possibly describe. Maybe the ancient Jewish tradition of YHWH, the Unutterable Sacred Name of God, was as close as we mere mortals will ever get.