Happy New Year 2020!

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Well, here we go again… a new year and more opportunities to bring you closer to our Lord, Christ Jesus!

As you can see on our Upcoming Venues page, we will not be performing from January to late March, and the month of June due to vacations.

We hope you will come to see us at one (or more) of our venues and make sure you say “Hi!”. We are always glad to see and meet with you and always ready to pray with you for any reason.

Important Venue Change…

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Due to a conflict, Straight Path has had to adjust their schedule. Instead of performing at Brothers of Mercy on September 29th, we will be performing on October 13th. If you were planning on attending, make sure you change your calendar and we hope to see you soon!

Update on David’s arm…


As many who visit this site know, David Bondzio, our lead guitarist needed surgery on his left arm and hand. If you can imagine, the left arm and hand does 90% of the work when playing the guitar. The surgeon told David recovery would take approximately 3 weeks. As you may also know, we had to take another week off for a little more time for his recovery and rehabilitation.

David is now playing guitar, but monitors his activity and we plan out songs that don’t require complicated leads for him. As we get older, our bodies don’t respond as quickly as they used to and healing takes a little longer.

We ask for your continued prayers and patience as he continues on his road to full recovery. After all, God is Jehovah Rapha!

Prayers Needed


Our guitarist, David Bondzio has to undergo surgery on his elbow. He will be out of commission for about 3 weeks. Rehab will commence immediately and we are all asking for your prayers for a successful surgery and rapid recovery. Please accept our apologies for not being able to perform at a few functions during this time.


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After making the schedule out in November, I failed to acknowledge the fact that Good Friday was on April 19th.

As most of our members are involved with their own churches, we will have to cancel our concert at Union Presbyterian Church on April 19th. Our sincere apologies go out to those who faithfully follow us for this error.

Stay tuned to this website to receive the latest updates to our performances.

New Performances (Oops)

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I forgot to list the dates:  Union Presbyterian Church will be on November 9th at 7:00pm and the Christmas at Amazing Grace Bible Church is on December 14th.

New Performances!

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We are happy to announce a new concert at the Union Presbyterian Church in Blasdell, New York.  It is on Lake Avenue in Blasdell at the blinking stop light at Salisbury St.  We would love to see you there.

The Christmas season is also upon us and we have listed our concerts on the Upcoming Venues page.

A special performance will at Amazing Grace Bible Church (formerly Symphony Bible Church) at the corner of Richmond and Summer Sts. in Buffalo.  There is a Christmas dinner at 4:30pm and the concert begins at 6:00pm.  All are welcome!

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