David Lindenau

David Lindenau – Leader (guitar and vocals)

Dave, as a teenager, played guitar in various rock bands.  As he got older he walked away from playing the guitar.

Then in late spring 1982, Dave and his wife Marge, met the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jesus gave back to Dave the desire and gift to play the guitar again, but this time for the Lord’s glory.

Since then, Dave has played on a number of worship teams.  Dave is currently playing on one of the worship teams at his home church where he and his wife attend, Crossroads Christian Church.  This aids his ability to lead Straight Path in virtually every event they play.

Dave loves sports – football and hockey are his favorites.  He also loves reading, especially the Bible.

Dave and his wife have moved to the west coast to be closer to their son and his family. Dave’s vision is to start a “Straight Path West”.

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