Randy Tober

(guitar, harmonica and vocals)

Randy is the brother of fellow member, Rick Tober.  He was staying at Buffalo City Mission when he first heard the group.  By living there, it has given him a heart for the homeless and has allowed him to relate to the men (and women at Cornerstone Manor, where they also have played).  This helped him get back on his feet and afforded him the opportunity of becoming a member.

He has played guitar for 30 plus years, but also has been blessed with the ability to play harmonica and his vocal talents blend well with the group.

The Lord has been good to Randy by using him to write some original material that the group performs.

He is single, lives in Blasdell and attends Armor Bible Church with his brother.

Randy passed away on January 17, 2013 and now resides in his mansion with the King!

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