Our History

Back in 1982 Dave Lindenau had an idea with a vision to form a group to minister and proclaim Jesus Christ through music.  The name “Straight Path” was chosen from the scriptures in Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Twenty years later (2002) Dave Lindenau (guitar and vocals), Gene Kielma (vocals) and Phyllis King (guitar and vocals) were performing at Rick’s home church.  Rick Tober (bass and vocals) and his granddaughter, Alexis Trice (percussion and vocals) joined the group in 2003.

It didn’t take long before Lorin Knox (vocals), Ellen Kubiak (vocals), Michael Kadell (sound technician) and the newest members, Sue Haas (banjo, 12-string guitar and vocals) and Rick’s brother, Randy (guitar, harmonica and vocals) joined Straight Path.

Phyllis King soon invited her granddaughter, Carly Schall to certain events, especially because there would be someone her own age there (Rick’s granddaughter, Alexis).  Soon she was singing along with the group and became a member the day they presented her with her own Straight Path emblazoned shirt.

One of the newer member of the group, Jim Hippert joined after talking to his sister-in-law and asked if he could sit in on one of the practices.  It didn’t take the group long to discover the fullness his mandolin and other instruments add to the sound.  He was invited to join in early 2008 and has been a blessing ever since.

David Bondzio (a great friend of Rick’s) soon started coming to practices and offering little suggestions to improve the overall sound of the group through the use of the sound system.  He has also started to insert his great guitar playing into the group’s sound for added fullness.

The members are from various denominations, churches and backgrounds, making a blend of testimonies and musical talents that only add to their appeal.  They refer to themselves as a praise and worship group, as opposed to a band.  They are very committed to their own churches and don’t allow this group to conflict with their duties in their respective churches.  The group performs a variety of Christian music ranging from Southern gospel to modern contemporary Christian, as well as some original music.  They have also played for local public civic events in outdoor concerts, but Straight Path’s main ministry is with the less fortunate in nursing homes, home-less shelters, care and counseling services, and occasional church events as they reach out to Christians and others searching with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each of the members have their own testimony of how Jesus has moved in their lives, how He has brought change and put an unquenchable desire in their heart to search the scriptures to fulfill the purposes God has ordained for them.

All of the members of Straight Path would like nothing better than for you to have a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  If you have not received Him into your heart, any one of the members would consider it a privilege to pray with you so you, too can know the love of God.  Please feel free to speak to any of the members and ask for the brochure, “Steps to Peace”.  Read it through and see how you answer the questions at the end, if you would like further information or a visit by a pastor, they can also give you names and phone numbers for a number of pastors that would be happy to assist you on your journey to Christ.

We welcome your comments!

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