A Ragamuffin Band with be performing 2:00 pm Friday afternoon May 13th at CMS. This is the band that Rich Mullins  formed and toured with the last couple of years before his tragic accident in 1997. Here are a few live performance videos that feature A Ragamuffin band along with Rich.

There is a full length feature film, due for release in 2012, that is being made right now about the faith inspired life of Rich Mullins. Rich dedicated his life and and income entirely to God’s work. Being an avid admirer of St. Francis of Assisi, Rich chose to live his life patterned in similar fashion. He walked the walk. And this film sets out to depict just that and to inspire us all to serve God with all our hearts.  But the producers of the film continue to need our help to. Below is a rough around the edges teaser trailer based on footage from the research done by Color Green Films.